Amy L. Harris

Amy L. Harris, a self taught artist grew up in Seattle and has been painting and selling her work since the mid 1990s.  Amy has participated in art shows, street fairs and solo café showings in the Seattle area since 1999.  She has been a resident at Vermont Studio Center and was a studio artist at Building C in the Ballard neighborhood for several years. 


Artist Statement

All works are done in watercolor, gouache, ink and pencil on paper. Textures are created using acrylic paste medium mixed with watercolor paint. The shapes, lines and spaces in my paintings come from the characteristics of volcanic rocky surfaces that appeal to me in nature. Color combinations are selected to emphasize mood and emotion in these landscapes.

Volcanic basalt rocks and the elaborate shapes that exist in them suggest a history of dramatic transformation.  I’m fascinated by what I imagine to be the stories behind these amazing monuments. The mystery of these geological formations inspires me to create colorful landscapes that tell a story.